The Fate's Design is a small personal site owned by Jenna. This site is currently a work-in-progress, but will hopefully provide various resources for anybody to use. You can expect to find things about various fandoms here, including: Disney, Dreamworks, Pokémon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter.

This layout is called 'Isolation', and is TFD's second layout. It features an image from Disney's Frozen - namely, Queen Elsa. This layout has been online since the 16th May 2014.


23rd June 2014

Hey guys! Even though it's summer, I'm still pretty busy. I've been going to the beach most of the time, though the conditions have been really poor for surfing. I went water skiing yesterday for the first time, but I wasn't very good, haha. This summer has been good so far though - and I'm taking today to do some updates about the site.

First of all, we have a new affiliate - Shimmer over at Starshine is an old friend, and her new site is absolutely gorgeous, so go pay her a visit.

I have also added several new icons to the Pokemon category, as well as two new categories - Howl's Moving Castle and Shugo Chara! The Pokemon icons are, once again, made from official card scans. The Howl's Moving Castle icons were made using HD screencaps from Disney Screencaps, and the Shugo Chara icons are from screencaps I took when watching the series a few years back.

I'm working on some new layouts, featuring The Fault in Our Stars, How to Train Your Dragon, Pokemon, and The Legend of Korra. I already have a Korra layout ready to go but I don't really like it, so if I do decide to put it up, it's likely to be replaced by a newer one anyway. I saw TFIOS in cinemas earlier in the week and I sobbed for at least half of it, so I would really love to get a layout up for it.

This update may be edited later in the day, but bye for now! c:

Today's icon is curtesy of Pim.

12th June 2014

SUCCESS. Yes, I'm finally finished my exams - summer has officially started! And it's going to be good. Beach days, crepes, and finally being able to read books and watch tv shows. And of course, more time to update around the site!

There are no new updates at the moment, I'm afraid, and there probably won't be any until Monday. I think I'm going to start working on a new layout, though. I love this Elsa one, so I'm kind of hesitant to change, but we'll see.

Oh, and I recently started using Eldemore again. Just showing off one of my favourites, ahhh <3


Thank you all for your kind words and support in helping me through exams - I hope to repay you all in updates <3

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7th June 2014

Well, I've only got two exams left [Chemistry and Physics]. This is the last weekend that I'm going to be stuck studying, so after the 12th, I'm free! From that point, I'll be updating a lot more.

There are also some new icons! I've kind of just added a couple to these categories: Anastasia; Avatar; Fullmetal Alchemist; Tangled; Rise of the Guardians. There's also two new categories - Once Upon A Time, and The Fault in Our Stars.

I'll be changing the layout once summer break starts. I already have an Avatar layout coded and everything, but I want to use it later. Most likely I'll change to something to celebrate the release of How to Train Your Dragon 2, or maybe The Fault in Our Stars. Or Maleficent. Or maybe even all three! I'll have a look for a new script for a styleswitcher. Until then, I'll see you guys around.

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2nd June 2014

Hey guys! I have four exams left, and then I'm off for summer. I have English Language tomorrow, then Biology, Chemistry and Physics [they're spread out over a few days, though]. I had my Applied Business exam this morning, and it was really difficult, but I'm hoping for a pass anyway.

In other news, I went to go see McBusted yesterday, and oh my goodness. They were amazing! They're all hilarious and I got a couple of good photos, and a wristband. Honestly, if you get the chance, go see them.

Not many updates today. I don't know if I already mentioned this, but there's one icon under 'The Little Mermaid' and another under 'The Road to El Dorado'. I'm going to update more after next week, when my exams are finished, because I really need to study for science.

Oh, and I have a new affiliate! Mara over at Prism Lights is lovely, you should all pay her a visit. c:

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23rd May 2014

Decided to take a break from studying for the day to relax after stressing for basically the whole week. So there are a few little things to update about now!

Okay, so I made some more new icons. There's a new icon under Avatar, as well as a new icon under Pokemon, another under Tangled, and 4 under Frozen. All of them are gif icons, apart from the Avatar one. I especially love the gif icon of Anna, from Frozen <3

Probably won't be many updates over the weekend, as I'm actually going to see One Direction in Croke Park, ahhhhh! So my spare time is probably gonna be study time. Not that I care because One Direction oh my gosh. And 5 Seconds of Summer! I actually met 5SOS and to have watched them develop so much lately is just amazing.

Might squish in an update regardless. Enjoy the new icons!

Today's icon is curtesy of Lucien.

22nd May 2014

Phew, had two exams today - Geography and English Literature [Poetry] - and I'm okay with how they went. I was terrified I'd forget the facts and figures for Geography, because I had over 10 case studies to learn in less than two days! But I filled all the space, even the space that wasn't in the answer lines, so hopefully that'll have got me a decent grade. English wasn't as bad as I expected, but I don't think I used enough proper terms? Hopefully I'll pass that. On the bright side, no more Geography for me, ever! [Unless I actually do end up taking it on for A-Level, but let's not worry about sixth form until August]

Anyway, updates! There are 2 new Pokemon icons with art from the official card scans. Vaporeon is my absolute favourite, and Altaria's right up there too. <3 In addition, there's also 3 new icons in the Brave category, all featuring Merida. And there's a new How To Train Your Dragon icon too, though it's awfully similar to an older one.

On another note, I now have 5 link buttons which you can find by clicking 'Apply?' in the sidebar. They're all from official art, card scans, and conceptual art from various fandoms. 2 are of a screencap from The Legend of Korra [the cityscape one and the blue-and-white symbol], 2 are from official Pokemon card scans, and 1 is from concept art of Tangled. So yeah, feel free to use them to link back to me, or donate a button if you'd like.

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20th May 2014

Hey guys! A few new updates about the site. I actually changed the background of the current Elsa layout because the plain white was awfully bland. I hope it looks a bit better, at least?

I've also added up some new sitely pages: 'History', 'Past Layouts' and 'Old Updates'. The history page is a brief summary of my past websites, past layouts are just layouts from this site that have been retired, and old updates are previous updates just like this one. Really they're just some extra little pages about the site.

There are also some new icons in a variety of categories! 1 in Frozen, 1 in Avatar, 2 in Fullmetal Alchemist, and 3 in Tangled. So that's 7 new icons, yay.

I also joined an Anastasia fanlisting. My fanlistings are located under 'Network'. I looked about on ones that I belonged to ages ago, but unfortunately they've all closed.

In addition, I also have a new affiliate! Pim over on Blue Hearts is super lovely, you should all pay her a little visit <3 Speaking of affiliation, you can apply by clicking the link in the sidebar. Unfortunately I don't have any buttons at present because I'm a lazy bum, but you are more than welcome to donate!

Exams are still on, but I'm getting by. I'll probably update over the weekend again. Until then, I'll see you all about.

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18th May 2014

Ironically, I said 'the site's gonna be quiet' like two days ago and yet here I am. Oops?

Anyway! I've added two new Pokemon icons from the third film [a.k.a my absolute favourite don't fight me on this], as well as three new colour schemes. I also put up a wallpaper, from a screenshot from The Legend of Korra. The wallpaper comes in 3 different sizes, so I hope that there's one to suit everybody. In addition, I've finally gotten around to getting a little chat box in the side bar. So yeah, quite a few little updates.

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16th May 2014

Well, this certainly is a change, isn't it? This is the new layout, featuring the lovely Elsa from Frozen. I felt that Version 01, Crystalisation, had been around long enough. It had been up on the site since January, so I just felt the need for a little change.

Apart from the layout change, the only other update I have is a new 'Frozen' icon. I also have added the old updates under the 'Sitely' category, and the first layout has been moved to 'Past Layouts'.

I have exams now so, of course, the site is going to be quiet for a while. However, when I get off for summer, I will be updating a lot more. Hopefully by the end of summer I will have some more content up! Until then, anyway, I'll see you all about.

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