The Fate's Design is a small personal site owned by Jenna. This site is currently a work-in-progress, but will hopefully provide various resources for anybody to use. You can expect to find things about various fandoms here, including: Disney, Dreamworks, Pokémon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter.

This layout is titled 'Crystalisation' and it is TFD's first proper layout! It features a scenic cap from the third Pokémon film, Spell of the Unown.


10th May 2014

Goodness, it's been a while, again! Sorry about that. I had to work extra to get all of my art done (I handed it all in for moderation yesterday). But that's it done now, I guess. I had a lot of fun doing the work, to be honest, but I'm not gonna lie - I'm glad I've finished!

Anyway, I updated with one new Frozen icon, and four new Tangled icons! Two of the Tangled icons are from concept art from the 'Art of Tangled' book - it's a super neat collection of art of the film, it's definitely worth getting if you can.

Oh, and in case you weren't aware - we're getting Hoenn remakes! Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby were announced recently, but the actual games won't be out until November. Regardless, I'm so excited, because Sapphire and Ruby were my absolute favorite Pokemon games! ;A;

Today's icon is curtesy of Nadja and Kaitlyn.

21st March 2014

It's been a while! I was quite busy with catching up on art and things so I wasn't able to find the time to update. This is just a quick note to say that I actually have updated: there are now seven new Pokemon icons. Once again, the original card scans were from Pokebeach.

Unfortunately I won't be able to update much until after the 31st March, which is my final hand-in date for my art coursework. Thank you all for understanding, though! c:

Today's icon is curtesy of Saphira.

17th February 2014

I feel as if I'm on a roll with this thing. I have added up nine new Pokemon icons - the art is from official card scans. The scans are from Pokebeach. Honestly the scans are just excellent quality and I really wanted to use some of them for something.

I've basically decided that this week is going to be hardcore art. I want to finish four pieces today (I just need to add final details), and while I know this in itself is going to be extremely difficult, I just really need to catch up on it all. I also need to sketch out and work on my final piece, do an A4 or A3 in chalk pastels, do several samples (felt making, batik, silk painting, etc) and finish my A3 acrylic piece. I need to get at least most of this done by Thursday. ;A; I'm off school today, tomorrow and Wednesday, so I'm really hoping to get well caught up on all of this. And I just realised that I've rambled quite pointlessly.

Well, until next time, I guess!

Today's icon is curtesy of Mikako.

15th February 2014

Hello world! o3o

I uploaded some new icons again today - one in Anastasia and four in Avatar. That means there are currently 26 icons in the directory! I intend to put up some more new ones over the weekend.

I also want to write up some new tutorials and things too, so you can expect those within the foreseeable future as well.

Today's icon is curtesy of My.

12th February 2014

The only real update for today is that I added some new icons, and pulled together a new organising system for the icons - so now you can browse by category! Hopefully I will be able to add up some more content over the weekend. With the weather being as bad as it is, I doubt I'll be going anywhere on Saturday or Sunday anyway.

In other news, I'm still behind on my school art but now I get to do my development pieces in Photoshop, so it'll be fun! Loads of pressure starting to build up now though, with exams and stuff after Easter.

Today's icon is curtesy of Stephanie.

8th February 2014

Upon hunting quite desperately for a nice host over the past few weeks, I managed to pluck up the guts to apply to Ariel for hosting. Just a few days later, she replied with my account and everything already set up! So I guess this is a huge shout out to her, because I'd still be stuck for hosting without her, so thank you Ariel!

There is no new content as of yet, although there are a few icons up already. I'm hoping to get a few more up later on this week (Fullmetal Alchemist, anybody?). In the meantime, I'll probably just linger and tweak a few things on the layout.

Regarding real life things, there isn't much going on. I'm supposed to be focusing hard-core on my art class at the moment since I'm pretty far behind. I'm working on an acrylic piece, finishing a charcoal drawing, and trying to force myself to finish my colouring pencil A3. It's all quite a pain in the bum at the moment, since it's all realism to start out with. But this week I'll be able to move on to studying my chosen artists, and I'll get to experiment with different styles, so that'll be fun!

Today's icon is curtesy of Diane.

26th January 2014

Hello there, internet! c: Welcome to The Fate's Design. I don't know how you ended up here, but hello anyway. As you can see, this site is currently a work-in-progress. Regardless, I hope to get this all up-and-running within the foreseeable future.

Today's icon is curtesy of Chia.