I've been roaming the internet since around 2008, I believe. Throughout the past few years, I've moved from host to host, changing my site name and dying off a few times. Nonetheless, it's been amazing!

Only true 90's kids will remember

My first website was this. Cringe! Honestly, it was just a place for me to dump bad-quality, tacky Pokemon pictures. I stayed put on this host for about a year. However, Piczo crashed my site (I don't even know), and I ended up having to make a new account here, still hosted by Piczo. However, as my friends started to develop more as webmasters, we all gradually moved on to work with proper HTML.

I don't think you even tried

I moved to webs, and made a new site. I stuck there for about four months, then jumped on the band wagon and got a proper host.

Making an Effort

My new host was the lovely Bubble.nu, which provided me with excellent free hosting. My new site was located here and I spent time developing my coding skills, etc. However, the site died some time in 2012/2011(?) and I lost interest in keeping up a website. It felt more like a chore than a hobby, so I kind of drifted away from the community.


In early 2013, I decided that I wanted to bring out a new site. I wanted to start fresh, so I came around with Tundra and started to pull things together again!

Disappearance and Reappearance

Unfortunately, Tundra didn't last very long. I dropped off the face of the internet until the autumn/winter months, and then the idea of kick starting a new site again started to come to me. So, rather half-heartedly, I began to look for a host. I found Ariel some time in the middle of January 2014 and sent in an application a few weeks later. She now hosts my current website, The Fate's Design.

And that's pretty much everything that's happened so far!