To affiliate with somebody is to make an agreement to advertise each other's links on their sites. At present, my affiliation list is open, so you are welcome to send in a request.


- My list is pretty much unlimited, but be warned that I do not accept all applicants.
- I would like to know you before you request to affiliate.
- Your site can be about any of these genres: anime/manga, photography, graphics, tutorials, writing, theories, and maybe some others.
- I only affiliate with websites that have been around for at least 2-3 weeks.
- Please email me at thetalesoffate[@]gmail[.]com if you wish to affiliate with me. It's easier for me to keep track of emails than of messages in the chat box.
- I will not accept sites that host illegal files, or adult content.
- I put a link to all of my affiliates on each page, regardless of whether or not you do the same.

Regarding Partner Sites

To become a partner site, I would prefer if we were quite good friends beforehand. You must obey all of the affiliation rules too. This position is invite only.

Regarding Link Exchanges

I am much less strict with link exchanges than affiliations. Please note that I only have link exchanges listed here. The rules for link exchanges are as follows:
- You must be a pleasant webmaster.
- No inappropriate content, please.
- Please link me on your link exchange section, as I will do the same for you.
- I would prefer your site to be based around anime/manga, photography, graphics, tutorials, writing, theories, or something along those lines.

Link Buttons

You can use these buttons to link back to The Fate's Design. Please upload them to your own server - thank you!