I'm utterly rubbish at these things, so please excuse me if I don't say enough or if I start to ramble.

Well, my name is Jenna, and this is my newest personal website. I'm sixteen years old, hailing from the little island dodging next to the rest of Britain - yeah, I'm from Ireland. I like to surf, draw, and write, and I just love to read books. Any books, really.

Let's see.. Regarding my interests, I'll just list my fandoms: Disney, Harry Potter, BBC Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, Fullmetal Alchemist, Avatar, Percy Jackson, and Pokémon. That's most of them, anyway.

I live for summer, basically. It's too freaking cold in Ireland to do much over the winter, although I adore hot chocolates and wintery clothes. Summer brings surfing days. I surf as a hobby rather than competitively, although my rivalry with my brothers has pretty much peaked over the last year.

As well as reading, I love to write. Writing has always been something that has appealed to me, to be honest, and it's only been over the last year or so that I've really come to see that. At the moment, I'm writing three stories, two of which involve universe jumping. The third is fantasy-based, which is really fun too!

I feel that I'm beginning to ramble. So yeah. owo